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Good question! Ceramic coating can be described as a 'liquid-glass' coating that we apply to your vehicle.

There are many detailers that offer 'ceramic-coating' services via water-based sprays. These sprays have hydrophobic properties that last until it is washed off, and are not a long-term solution for monsoon season here in Arizona. The ceramic coatings that we apply here at Niche Motorsports are semi-permanent, meaning they will last from 4 to 7 years, depending on the coating you choose, and will not simply wash off.

Ceramic coating benefits range from helping reject rainwater (or your neighbor's pesky sprinklers), to helping promote scratch resistance in your vehicle's factory paint. At Niche Motorsports, we are certified installers of DuraSlic® products, featuring the very best ceramic coating products available. We are currently the only shop in Arizona certified to install DuraSlic® products.  Below, you'll find some of the amazing benefits achieved by investing in a ceramic coating.





Ceramic coatings are naturally hydrophobic. This means that they reject water, causing streams of water to run down and off of the vehicle's paint, preventing contaminants in the water from sitting on your vehicle. Additionally, this will help visibility in the rain if your windshield is coated. Cleaning your vehicle is made substantially easier when there is less water to dry.



The oleophobic properties boasted by select ceramic coatings reject oil-based contaminants from sitting on your vehicle. This includes contaminants such as bird scat, oil and coolant spills, and tree sap. Many smartphones such as iPhones have an oleophobic coating on their screens, causing water and the oil in your fingerprints to bead up instead of getting smeared into the phone screen.



Ceramic coatings benefit your paint's resistance to scratches. Our DuraSlic ceramic coatings come with a standard hardness of 10H, providing extra protection for your vehicle's clear coat and base layer of paint. 



We have several different ceramic coating options; but all of them are guaranteed to make cleaning your vehicle easier. Due to the hydrophobic properties and other benefits above, time spent washing your vehicle is generally halved. We encourage our customers to return for maintenance washes to ensure the longevity of your coating.

Below are the available ceramic coating options we carry at Niche Motorsports. Please bear in mind, your vehicle must be paint-corrected before a coating can be applied, in order to restore the rich vibrance of your vehicle's paint. Once the ceramic coating is applied, it will lock in the luster and shine exposed from the paint correction process. The quote you receive (and those below) will also factor in the cost of paint correction, as it is a necessary step to properly apply a ceramic coating.

DuraSlic DS 1500 Xtreme is a revolutionary permanent ceramic nanocoating based on the world’s most advanced ceramic technology. DS 1500 Xtreme is the world’s first wipe-on ceramic coating that offers a long-lasting 7 year lifespan, and high level of both hydrophobicity and oleophobicity. It can be applied to painted, coated and base metal surfaces, glass and plastics, to impart an unprecedented level of protection from water, chemicals, UV and corrosion. Furthermore, DS 1500 Xtreme is a multi-layerable formula that enables the user to boost the level of protection as needed. For even greater hydrophobicity and defense, consider top coating with DuraSlic FlowX.

Introducing XtremeHG, the ultimate paint protection innovation from the DuraSlic lab. With an elite hydrophobic contact angle of 105º, this advanced coating combines durability, repellency, and SuperSlic technology for unprecedented results - ensuring superior water and oil repellency. With a 5-year lifespan and extreme slickness, XtremeHG sets a new standard in automotive excellence. Change the way you protect your paint with XtremeHG.

Introducing DuraSlic DS 1500, a revolutionary permanent ceramic nanocoating. It offers high hydrophobicity, gloss, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. This long-lasting 4 year coating safeguards painted surfaces, metals, glass, and plastics from water, chemicals, UV, and corrosion. With its multi-layerable formula, you can enhance protection as desired. For even greater hydrophobicity and defense, consider top coating with DuraSlic SpeedCoat or DuraSlic FlowX. Experience unmatched protection with DS 1500.

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